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Andrew James

Process Engineer 

Professional Background

Over 6 years' experience in providing technical and engineering support for industrial and utility boilers. This includes a specialization in combustion optimisation of large power station boilers through onsite measurements and the tuning of combustion control systems. Andrew's experience covers a range of technical areas including process measurements, performance testing, combustion, fuel analysis and biomass co-firing. Andrew has also been involved in project management on a range of different projects, including design projects, feasibility studies and the coordination of subcontractors and suppliers.

Areas of Expertise

  • Combustion Optimisation
  • Boiler control system and operational strategies
  • Online PF distribution measurements with MIC One system
  • Co-Firing and fuel substitution
  • SEM-EDX sample analysis
  • Biomass and Coal Analysis and Interpretation
  • Project Management

Relevant Experience

  • Combustion optimisation at Millmerran, Kogan Creek, Collie, Muja, Bluewaters and Masinloc (Philippines) Power Stations focusing on improvements the uniformity and efficiency of combustion, heat flux profile, flue gas exposed pressure part temperature management and boiler thermal efficiency;
  • Combustion Engineering support for ABT Siemens during the commissioning of Low NOx Burners installed in Unit 1 and Unit 2 at Stanwell Power Station;
  • Online relative PF distribution measurements of pulverized coal mills with HRLT's MIC One system to determine the relative Pulverized Fuel distribution and identify non-uniform flow conditions. Testing has successfully been completed Millmerran, Stanwell, Kogan Creek, Eraring, Collie, Bluewaters and Muja Power Stations;
  • Work collaboratively with HRLTG's mechanical and material engineers to provide process engineering support for the root cause assessments and the review and development of new operational practices for industrial boilers;
  • Project manager for an $850k boiler fuel and ash handling system EPC project, involving the management of eight subcontractors;
  • Project Manager and Commissioning Engineer for the design, installation and commissioning of a Fluidised Bed Boiler Sand Recycling System;
  • Performance testing of pulverized coal mills at Millmerran, Stanwell, Kogan Creek, Eraring, Collie, Tarong, Bluewaters and Muja Power Stations to determine the Pulverized Fuel particle size distribution and the integration of the results into combustion optimisation strategies;
  • Analysis and investigation of boiler clinkering events SEM-EDX techniques to determine the structure, composition, exposure temperature and probable deposition mechanism. Development of targeted strategies to control future risk of such events reoccurring;
  • Investigation into the fly ash properties from coal fired power stations to determine the forms and structures of carbon and minerals present in the fly ash, whilst relating the results to the coal and Pulverized Fuel properties;
  • Exploring Co-Firing and Fuel Substitution options for industrial boilers for various clients. This includes, fuel testing, laboratory scale combustion testing, investigations into the effects upon ashing and slagging, development of plant scale trails and the development on strategies to increase Co-Firing ratios; and


  • BEng (Chemical)(Hons)
  • BSc (Minerals Processing)

Professional Memberships and Associations

  • Engineers Australia (GradIEAust)
  • Australian Institute of Energy (MAIE)

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