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How we do it:

Expertise in Action

    No two companies are alike, so we deliver a range of comprehensive, bespoke services aligned to your unique objectives. With a particular focus on practical solutions, sustainability, efficiency, and delivering commercial outcomes we harness our unmatched, collective brainpower to service the biggest companies across Australia and Asia. You can trust us to solve your most technical challenges, significantly improving your operational and financial performance to give you a competitive advantage.

    With 60 years of industry experience, here are a few projects we're proud of:

    • Optimising Australia and South-East Asia's coal-fired power stations
    • Appointed to the Royal Commission as the R&D lead for the Victorian bushfires
    • Strategic network partner to Rio Tinto at its global R&D Centre

    The HRL Blueprint

    From the simplest test to the largest, multi-million-dollar program, everything we do is underpinned by our comprehensive and collaborative HRL Blueprint. With a focus on dramatically improving the Reliability, Efficiency, and Sustainability of assets and processes to transform commercial performance, our Blueprint ensures we not only achieve governance but deliver transformative and ongoing business value. This is Expertise in Action.

    Phase 1: Engage and Scope

    First, we collaborate with you to understand and clearly define your problem or opportunity. Regardless of how technical or ambiguous the situation, our experts enquire, discuss, understand, identify industry best practice, and then break down the steps into an agreed scope of work. Offering a range of innovative commercial relationships (including 'skin-in-the-game'), we agree the nature of the engagement e.g. fee-for-service, risk / profit-share, one-off project or ongoing engagement, etc

    The Outcome: Project scope, nature of engagement, value, KPIs, resources, and costs agreed.
    The HRL Difference: Expert clarity through collaboration

    Phase 2: Measure and Evaluate

    With the scope agreed, we perform measurements and complete analysis to collaborate and develop  a recommended activity plan to deliver the desired technical and commercial benefits. Leveraging our broad, cross-functional expertise, we conduct a vigorous, internal peer review, ensuring we have the best brains on the job to innovate for maximum commercial value creation.

    The Outcome: Results, recommendations, activity plan for any further implementation
    The HRL Difference: Innovative expert insight

    Phase 3: Deliver

    We deliver. While allowances are made for flexibility and further innovation, strong project management keeps everyone on track to ensure timely completion. Finally, the project report is peer reviewed to ensure all bases are covered.

    The Outcome: Commercial value delivered, report issued, technical and commercial KPIs achieved
    The HRL Difference: Expert quality delivery

    Phase 4: Sustain

    We seek feedback and often conduct a joint review of the project success and learnings against the pre-agreed KPIs.  A goal is to build up the capabilities of your employees and identifying any further actions to ensure commercial benefits are sustained (e.g. procedure updates, training, follow-on activity, on-going digital monitoring). If further problems or opportunities are identified, we start the process again always motivated to ask and answer the question, 'How can we innovate to create commercial value?'

    The Outcome: Value of work assessed against KPIs, lessons learnt, benefit delivery sustained!
    The HRL Difference: Trusted partnership


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