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Tom Cooper

Performance Engineer

Professional Background

Over 6 years' experience in providing technical and engineering support for plant performance and emissions measurements in the power and large process industry.This has included thedevelopment of online plant performance and optimisation tools and an ash sampling technique that can be used for NGER's reporting. Thomas also has chemical laboratory experience,which includes the preparation of analytical reports and the validation of results, as well as computer programming skills.

Areas of Expertise

  • Steam Turbine performance analysis
  • Industrial Boiler thermal efficiency analysis
  • Power Station efficiency analysis
  • Plant performance monitoring and optimisation
  • Plant emissions sampling and reporting
  • Calibration of test instruments
  • Development of calibration and data logging computer programs
  • Chemical laboratory analysis and reporting

Relevant Project Experience

  • Investigate and test the applicability of optical instruments for the in-situ measurement of Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide in flue gas at the Air Heater Inlet, for boiler control and optimisation Lead Investigator. Research project in conjunction with Brown Coal Innovation Australia (BCIA), Energy Australia Yallourn, Siemens and several other Australian Power Generators.
  • Turbine and Boiler Performance testing at Hazelwood, Loy Yang A,Loy Yang B, Yallourn, Muja, Collie, Kogan Creek and Huntly Power Stations.
  • Calibration and maintenance of testing equipment.
  • Design and testing of ash sampling equipment for use with NGERS reporting for Loy Yang A, Loy Yang B, Yallourn and Hazelwood Power Stations.
  • Emission testing for particulates and important gaseous compounds at Yallourn, Loy Yang A, Loy Yang B, Hazelwood, Collie and Muja Power Stations.
  • Design and development of Boiler and Turbine Performance Monitor and Optimisation Tools.
  • Sampling plant emissions at Yallourn, Loy Yang A, Loy Yang B, Hazelwood, Collie and Muja Power Stations to USEPA standards.
  • Redesign and updating calibration processes for test equipment.
  • Design and testing of wet ash sampling system for NGERS compliance.
  • Design and development of calibration and data logging computer software.
  • Process testing at Winneke Treatment Plant (Sugarloaf Reservoir) for use in process upgrade.
  • Analysis of plant conditions affecting Blue-Green Algae blooms at the Western Treatment Plant.


  • BEng(Chem)
  • BSci(Analytical Chemistry, Applied Mathematics)

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