Solid Fuel Heater Testing Services

hrl: operate a solid fuel heater testing laboratory in Morwell Victoria.

It has operated for over 20 years with a dedicated team of technicians, and has recently been upgraded with a digital control system and further automation. This has improved the capture of data and enables more detailed analysis of appliance performance.

For the manufacturers of solid fuel heaters, their appliances are required to:

  • Meet emission and efficiency standards
  • Comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS 4012 and 4013 before they can be sold in Victoria, Tasmania or the Australian Capital Territory
  • Have certificates of compliance which are the responsibility of the heater's manufacturer or importer
  • Testing must be conducted by a laboratory that is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA).

hrl: expertise in relation to solid fuel heater testing includes:

  • More than 20 years experience in heater testing and designing/modifying solid fuel appliances
  • Involvement with the briquette industry and a strong commitment to Australia's solid fuel heating industry
  • Providing comprehensive testing and research services to the solid fuel heater industry
  • A recently upgraded testing laboratory that is accredited by NATA and provides testing services that are accredited by NATA

Benefits of hrl: approach:

  • Complete confidentiality and security when engaged with HRL Technology 
  • Regular client interaction and feedback during testing
  • Commitment to improving your heater at most efficient cost
  • Providing expert technical advice, with the ability to undertake modifications to improve product performance
  • Prompt reporting once compliance of the appliance is achieved
  • Fast turnaround Professional Staff NATA accredited testing services

Testing Capability:

Specific services offered by hrl: to support solid fuel heater manufacturers and importers include:

  • Thermal Clearance testing to AS/NZS 2918 Appendix B
  • Thermal Efficiency testing to AS/NZS 4012
  • Particulate Emissions testing to AS/NZS 4013
  • Appliance Design and Construction testing to AS/NZS 3869
  • Testing with Firewood, Briquettes and Briquette/wood mixtures
  • Providing advice to help ensure appliances meet compliance standards
  • Thermal efficiency testing of Pellet Stoves to AS/NZS 5078
  • Particulate Emissions testing of pellet stoves to AS/NZS 4886

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