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A message from our CEO, Ken Jefferd

"It's an exciting time in the industrial world with major advances being made at the intersection of multiple technical and commercial disciplines.  In an intensely competitive market, there are huge commercial opportunities for companies who can successfully innovate.

At HRL, the team comes to work every day driven to solve our customers' most difficult technical challenges - to deliver innovation, and transform commercial performance.  Our mission is to dramatically improve the reliability, efficiency and sustainability of our customers' assets and processes through technical innovation.

Shaking hands with a customer who is inviting us back to work on a new project because of the value created last time is a source of deep motivation for our experts...and HRL's regular customers include some of Australia and SE Asia's largest energy, resources and industrial companies.

Over time HRL has assembled and continues to build a genuinely unique blend of advanced laboratory and field testing, materials, science, technology and engineering capability stemming from our roots as the R&D group within the State Electricity Commission Victoria.

In galvanising our brand, we are also re-invigorating how we partner with customers we call this the HRL BluePrint.  It's a tried and trusted, yet differentiated approach, applying all our years of experience plus new thinking to tailor a relationship and outcome best-suited to the customers' situation.

As your business identifies the technical challenges it needs to solve to sustain and drive growth, the team at HRL looks forward to partnering with you to deliver the innovation you need to win in the market."

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'Expertise in Action', what do our customer have to say:

"We recommend HRL wherever possible. They do an amazing and thorough job. The report they provide is so comprehensive. They can identify the smallest of objects and provide a report that is extremely useful and enable accurate complaint resolution." Chris Andara, Consumer Resolutions, Fonterra Australia

"World class expertise with real world knowledge."
Barry Nichols, Project Engineer, Mars Petcare

"Leaders in the industry."
Marcel Berens, Asset Manager, Murray Goulburn Steam Plants

"Technically competant and service orientated." Wayne Gason Asset Manager, Engie

"Knowledgeable and use this to help guide client into the best solution to solve the task/problem."Robert Schiller, Technical Manager, Geocycle SBF

"HRL is a company we have been using for a long time now without any problems, they have been extremely good with customer service and we have developed a relationship with."David Hodges Site Supervisor, Ixom

"Specialised skills and industry knowledge. Excellent services available at your doorstep."
Tanveer Hasan, Technical and Compliance Manager, ENGIE Australia

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