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Asset Non-Destructive Testing NDT

Ultrasonic examination

  • Welded ferritic steel joints
  • Bonded metals - machine bearings
  • Rolled or wrought steel product

Advanced Ultrasonic Inspection Techniques

  • Phased Array Ultrasonics (PAUT)
  • Time of flight diffraction (TOFD)
  • PAUT and TOFD Simulations with CIVA
  • Customised in house rig development for niche inspection applications

Ultrasonic thickness testing

  • Material thickness - spot or grid measurements
  • Material profiling including assessment and characterisation of material loss

Magnetic particle testing

  • Magnetic flow method - AC magnetization
  • Coil method
  • Colour Contrast and Fluorescent

Penetrant testing

  • Water washable method
  • Solvent removable method
  • Colour Contrast and Fluorescent

ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurement) CrackSizer®

  • Electromagnetic inspection technique for detecting and sizing cracks on ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Custom probes for large boiler water-wall tubes.
  • Rapid scan for identifying changes in hardness and microstructure

Acoustic Emission for pressure vessels and other structures

  • Installation of acoustic emission inspection programs
  • Testing and monitoring

HRL holds NATA accreditation for some of the above mentioned tests. 

PAUT and TOFD Simulations with CIVA

HRL utilises ultrasonic simulation software called CIVA, which was developed by the French Commission for Atomic and Alternate Energy (CEA). CIVA is capable of accurately simulating complex Phased Array, Time of Flight and Conventional Ultrasonic models in 2D and 3D geometries.

HRL utilises CIVA to;

  • demonstrate and prove out inspection concepts with the ability to optimise configurations
  • validate many "what if" scenarios, thus minimising the need for so many validation blocks with artificial defects inserted
  • verification of signal responses to differentiate between those from geometries and those from defects
  • probe design and optimisation prior to manufacture
  • training and realisation of ultrasonic phenomena

a) Actual Phased Array Ultrasonic data taken from a turbine blade root attachment geometry
b) Same inspection technique simulated using CIVA with geometry and echo signals apparent

Customised Ultrasonic Inspection Rigs

Often HRL is called upon to provide ultrasonic inspection services where others have declined.

HRL offers professional customised ultrasonic rig development for those impossible to reach situations. This is done in-house using 3D CAD and additive manufacturing (3D Printing) technologies. Our in-house Concept/Design/Manufacture/Implement service allows for a comparably rapid execution of your inspection requirements. Implementation is carried out by our expert engineers and/or by our clients themselves.

HRLcan build fully automated robotic inspection systems in-house using CNC control logic technology. These types of systems can be designed for specific geometry applications for high volume economical inspection requirements.

Coupling these abilities with CIVA ultrasonic simulation software, the requirements for physical expensive validation blocks can be reduced.

Innovation in our methodologies and concepts have benefited many of our valued clients, while displacing some of the expensive OEM's imported service providers.



An example of a CAD design of a turbine disc (blades removed) inspection

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