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Manufacturing, Food and Water

Delivering the technical expertise and engineering experience to create real business value

We deliver the technical expertise and engineering experience to transform Australian manufacturing, creating the value of this sector to the economy.

HRL supports manufacturers with a range of innovative services to improve the performance of their plant and add value to their operation including:

  • analysis services (chemical, physical, thermal and mechanical)
  • component and product testing
  • cost and feasibility studies
  • environmental monitoring, analysis and audit services
  • product development services
  • project feasibility studies and management services

HRL provides services to sugar mills and refineries to assist plant managers and operators to maximise plant availability and efficiency. 

Services provided include:

  • fuel technology (bagasse, biomass, wastes)
  • combustion optimisation (improving boiler efficiency)
  • engineering and materials (plant inspection, pressure equipment inspection, corrosion and errosion)

What our clients say

" World class expertise with real world knowledge." Mars Petcare, Barry Nichols Project Engineer

"We have been using HRL (and OI) for investigations in particular foreign matter identification for a very long time. Greg Richards has been involved in many of our investigations and without his expertise we would not be able to complete investigations so thoroughly.  We recommend HRL wherever possible.  They do an amazing and thorough job. The analysis report they provide in so comprehensive.  They can identify the smallest of objects and provide a report that is extremely useful and enable accurate complaint resolution."  Chris Andara, Consumer Resolitons, Fonterra Australia

"Great communication, solving problems, and overall service." Monica Willaton, Business Manager, ERA Gippsland

"For certain alleged foreign matter complaints in our products we need not only the analytical services provided by the lab there at HRL, but particularly the expert opinion of scientists such as Greg Richards to give an independent opinion on the likely origin of foreign matter such as glass fragments. We do not know of anyone else providing such a service to the industry." Andrew Penncuick QA Manager, Peters Ice Creams

"Really good, detailed report always includes all required information/details." Therese van Leeuwen, Food Safety Manager, McCain Foods Australia

Gas appliance testing

Manufacturers and importers of commercial and household gas appliances who wish to sell those appliances in Australia must ensure they comply with Australian standards. Gas appliance testing may only be conducted by a laboratory that is certified by one of the certifying bodies. HRL assists clients by testing appliances to Australian standards in its NATA certified laboratory. Download the brochure below.










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