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Coal and Gas Power Generation

All coal and gas fired power stations are under constant scrutiny to:

  • Operate safely

  • Improve output with ever reduced costs

  • Be more environmentally sustainable

To solve these problems you need a range of technical skills, testing equipment, plant knowledge, modelling capabilities, big data management, IP etc.

The reality is that you can't afford to retain all of this capability in-house. This is where we come in.

Our clients value the true partnership we offer by proactively teaming with them to: 

1. Increase Asset Reliability

  • We have specialist expertise to test and assess the condition of your assets, identify your risks and how you can more cost effectively manage them to expected Plant life.
  • We can verify your compliance with stringent standards such AS3788
  • If something fails, we are the experts to call to diagnose what has happened and prevent it happening again.

2. Optimise Process Productivity

  • We can optimize your whole process to match your demand profile starting with selecting the right fuel, delivering it to the boiler, optimizing combustion and maximising conversion to power.
  • Implementation can be lead by you, or we can provide further support including owners engineers, QA of off-shore equipment manufacture, through to full delivery of small EPC projects.

3. Improve Operational Sustainability

  • We have the expertise to assist you reducing your carbon footprint and reduce water usage.
  • We do greenhouse auditing so you comply with internal requirements and external legislation

Our Testing Capability

What our clients say:

"Specialised skills and industry knowledge. Excellent services available at your doorstep". Tanveer Hasan, Technical and Compliance Manager, ENGIE Australia





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