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Minerals and Mining

Minerals and mining processing companies face pressures from multiple stakeholders to operate safely, maintain and grow profitability in a volatile global market, and improve sustainability.

At HRL, we understand your challenges. Offering trusted expertise as your long-term partner, together we can transform your business performance by improving your asset reliability, optimising your operational efficiency, and delivering long-term sustainability.

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Your Challenges


Delivering safe and reliable operations

In a volatile market, pressure to deliver positive cash flow

Managing costs yet accessing the right capability to improve profitability

Safety of equipment and people

Keeping the plant available one day's downtime can cost millions of dollars

Unreliable services such as air steam and water

Budget pressure to reduce operations and maintenance costs

Pressure to improve performance with  not enough resource

 Safe operations in R&D

Pressure to justify existence by delivering incremental and break-through improvements to processes

Budget pressure means limited funds for the right experts in-house or through partnerships

IP is competitive advantage it cannot leak

Our Solutions/Services

Trusted technical specialists to solve your difficult problems.

Proven experience having partnered with many mining and minerals companies (e.g. Rio Tinto, Alcoa, Iluka)

Track record of creating millions of dollars of value in cost reductions, avoidance, and process improvements.

Experience across multiple resources (e.g. coal, copper, bauxite, alumina, aluminium, mineral sands, silicon, iron ore, lithium/spodumene)

Trouble-shooting and failure analysis of operating equipment eg dredgers, reduction kilns, smelters, calciners, waste gas incinerators, heat recovery units, etc

 Implementing process and technology solutions to reduce costs, manpower and improve production.

Laboratory analytical services to manage quality and optimize productivity
Adding value to by-products (e.g. optimising the generation of high-value activated carbon, briquetting to reduce processing losses).

Remaining plant life assessments and risk-based inspection programs.

Ensuring all statutory obligations of the business are fulfilled.

Understanding the risk appetite of your organisation and designing your process to reflect that.

Expert routine and non-routine analytical testing outsourcing service to improve productivity and methods
Lab, pilot-scale, and desktop process development.

Laboratory and pilot-scale testing, drying, milling, calcination, reduction, hydrothermal processing.

Process design, modelling and optimisation, engineering and cost studies.

Why choose HRL?

Our differentiation lies in our analytical and process optimisation capability at both R&D and operational scales, with unmatched power generation plant expertise and the ability to trouble-shoot materials or mechanical failures.

With deep mineral and mining expertise and the best brains in the business, we specialise in:

  • Routine and non-routine chemical, physical, and thermal analysis services at an R&D and production scale
  • Evaluation of feedstocks and reductants
  • Laboratory and pilot-scale testing, drying, milling, calcination, reduction, and hydrothermal processing
  • Mechanical testing, plant integrity, and plant life assessment
  • Trouble-shooting of reduction kilns, smelters, calciners, waste gas incinerators, heat recovery units, etc
  • Process design, modelling and optimisation, engineering and cost studies
  • Adding value to by-products (e.g. optimising the generation of high-value activated carbon and briquetting to reduce processing losses)
  • Process measurement and optimisation services
  • Environmental monitoring, analysis, and audit services
  • Product quality control services
  • Project feasibility studies

The future of Minerals and Mining

Mineral processing plants need to economically and sustainably separate valuable minerals from waste. Numerous challenges exist for the optimisation of mineral processing plants in a cost-effective and energy-efficient manner.

At HRL, we recognise that the challenge in improving the overall process is that making even small changes to optimise one section of the flowsheet can have unintended or unwanted impacts on several other sections. The key is to understand exactly what is happening within each area of a plant and with each aspect of the processing being undertaken, which requires a high level of holistic expertise.

At HRL, that's exactly what we deliver, with experience across multiple industries, including coal, copper, bauxite, alumina, aluminum, mineral sands, silicon, iron ore, and lithium/spodumene. Unlike other service providers, we have decades of practical experience and unique high-tech testing capability along with advanced modelling techniques.

Over the years, we have partnered with some of the world's most reputable resources companies to solve problems and create millions of dollars of value including Rio Tinto, who consider us a strategic network partner.

When it comes to Minerals and Mining, you can count on HRL for Reliability, Efficiency, and Sustainability.

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Case Studies

HRL provides analytical services enabling Rio Tinto to focus on its core capabilities

HRL enhances productivity and cuts losses with improved production stream

HRL eliminates coal waste liabilities and creates new client revenue stream



Meet the expert

Nick Miller

Nick has over 20 years of experience working as a chemist in the power generation and mineral processing industries. Inorganic and elemental analysis of various sample types, particularly fuels such as coal, oil and biosolids as well as pharmaceuticals, soils and waters. Material characterisation particularly for energy industries. Read more


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