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Sky Loo

Materials Engineer

Professional Background

A decade of experience in project management. Wide experience in boilers, turbines and gearboxes, dredgers, paper machines, pressure vessels and bogies. Failure investigation, root cause analysis, material selection, and phase transformation of aluminum and steel.

Areas of Expertise

  • Project management, budgeting and planning
  • Outage management
  • Asset management and life assessment
  • Condition assessment of pressure equipment
  • Root cause investigation into the failure of metallic and non-metallic components.
  • R&D in materials performance
  • Gearbox assessment
  • Boilers (HRSG, brown coal, black coal, CFB, Vibrating grate boiler)
  • Dredgers assessment
  • Preparation and assessment non-destructive metallographic replications for the purposes of plant life assessment.
  • Acoustic Emission testing of high energy piping systems

Relevant Project Experience

  • PROJECT | Jeeralang Power Station Major Turbine Overhaul
    Client: Ecogen
    Role: Project Manager
    Key achievements:
    -Full refurbishment (weld repair, machining and heat treatment) of the turbine blades on schedule on budget.
  • PROJECT | Loy Yang B Power Station Major Outage
    Client: ENGIE
    Role: Project Manager and Inspector
    Key achievements:
    -Management of condition assessment program
    -Introduction of acoustic emission inspection technique to increase accuracy and reduce risk
    -Inspection of boiler components
    -Acoustic emission installed on the entire pressure piping system from boiler to turbine to monitor for any crack growth
  • PROJECT | ETIS and BCIA Advanced Materials Program
    Client: Department of Primary Industry
    Role: Project Manager
    Key achievements:
    -Lead a team of 7 internally and 8 other stakeholders within the power industry to conduct R&D project to enhance the performance of boiler materials.
    -Project completed on time and on budget. Additional government funding was secured to extend the testing period.
    -Completion of PhD project for one of the engineer involved in the project
  • PROJECT | Yankee Dryer Failure Investigation
    Client: PT Univenus
    Role: Expert Witness
    Key achievements:
    -Conducted investigation at the paper mill to determine the root cause of the failure


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Materials)
  • Honours Monash University, Clayton

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • General Committee Materials Engineering Society
  • Student Member of APESMA
  • Member of Australian Research Council of Nanotechnology Network 

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