Activated Carbon Case Study

HRL gives client confidence in the feasibility of activated carbon venture


A client with a large coal resource wanted to convert their coal into a value-added product preferably, activated carbon. Before investing time and money going down this path, they needed an expert to assess the feasibility of this venture. 


The client approached HRL knowing they had specialist knowledge and comprehensive experience completing this kind of investigative work. Delivering a feasibility assessment, HRL:

  • Completed bench scale activation trials to assess the quality of product that could be produced from the feed material, and the feasibility of converting it to activated carbon;
  • Identified potential market applications and market value for the product;
  • Produced product samples of activated carbon that the client could show to potential buyers;
  • And, finally, documented the key project deliverables including the tests completed, outcomes, and recommendations in a comprehensive project report.


As a result of engaging HRL to complete the project, the client was able to confirm that there was merit in moving forward and investing time and money in further product development. Very few organisations have experience in this area, and without HRL's expertise, the client may not have known how to proceed. The client was very happy with the work completed and engaged HRL to do a second stage of work, which encompassed a more detailed evaluation of this particular venture. 

"hrl: is a company we have been using for a long time now without any problems, they have been extremely good with customer service and we have deve...

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