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Owners of wood and non-wood fibre resources, along with pulp and paper manufacturers face numerous challenges. What is the value of a specific fibre resource? Will a proposed source material be the best resource for a particular operation? Which stock in a tree-breeding program will yield the best outcome? Is there value in an available non-wood fibre resource? How effective is a current manufacturing process? The more resource owners and pulp and paper manufactures know about the resources and processes they are using or that they may be planning to use the greater their ability to maximise the efficiency, and therefore the profitability, of their operations. Specific factors with an impact on pulp and paper manufacturing include pulp yield, wood density, chemical composition, chemical and physical properties, bleaching properties and paper properties. The assessments to determine such factors require access to sophisticated, expensive and purpose-built equipment; and personnel with specialist skills and expertise


hrl: provides an extensive range of fibre resource assessment services specifically tailored to meet the needs of clients who own fibre resources or who are involved in manufacturing pulp and paper.  Late in 2010, hrl: acquired the specialist testing equipment which was used by the CSIRO to provide fibre resource assessment services to Industry. hrl: also secured the services of Christine Hicks, an expert with 14 years' experience, who worked in this area for the CSIRO. The acquisition complements hrl: extensive materials assessment services.

The comprehensive range of resource assessment services hrl: offers resource owners and the pulp and paper industries includes wood and a range of non-wood fibres. Non-wood fibres that can be assessed include bagasse (sugarcane residue), straw, kenaf and hemp resources often used in developing countries.
Specific fibre resource assessment services hrl: offers include determining:

  • basic density
  • pulp yield
  • chemical and semi-mechanical pulping
  • chemical composition
  • chemical and physical properties
  • paper properties
  • Loading air bath with digester vessels to produce pulp for analysis

hrl: fibre resource assessment services can be used:

  • as part of tree-breeding programs
  • to determine the value of a timber or other fibre resource
  • to determine properties of the resulting pulp or paper
  • to maximise process efficiency and therefore profitability
  • to provide technical support


    hrl: fibre resource assessment services include access to advice that is:

    • independent
    • expert
    • accurate
    • reliable
    • confidential
    • fast and responsive
    • value-for-money

    hrl: fibre resource assessment services assist clients to:

    • select the most appropriate resources
    • select the most appropriate processes
    • make best use of their input resources
    • achieve high process efficiency
    • maximise their returns
    • maximise their profitability

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