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Hydrogen industry


With a commitment to engineering excellence, and a history of delivering hydrogen projects, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of industries transitioning to a cleaner future. From pilot plant operations to meticulous maintenance documentation and conceptual design, we provide end-to-end support across the hydrogen value chain.


HRL provides independent services to the hydrogen industry including:

  • Hydrogen pilot plant operation and maintenance
  • Pilot plant and commercial plant commissioning
  • Plant operations and maintenance documentation
  • Laboratory scale testing of processes
  • Process design, modelling and development
  • Risk assessments / HAZOP / HAZID
  • Hydrogen purity analysis (AS 14687)
  • Carbon intensity assessment and calculations
  • Techno-economic evaluations
  • Materials evaluations for hydrogen compatibility
  • Component failure investigations e.g. hydrogen embrittlement
  • Feasibility studies
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies
  • Process flowsheet development

HRL assists the hydrogen industry in overcoming many challenges including:

  • Transition of assets and resources to a hydrogen economy and towards net zero emissions
  • Project economics
  • Obtaining government support and interpreting policies and regulatory requirements
  • Matching supply capacity and demand, i.e. it is early in the hydrogen market development cycle and demand is not yet firm.
  • Selecting the best infrastructure for transport of hydrogen, e.g. pipelines, trucks, ships, etc
  • Understanding and managing the unique properties of each hydrogen project which individually require specialised processes and procedures to be developed and applied
  • Isolating and consistently producing high purity hydrogen is difficult to achieve and validate due to the very low levels of contaminants tolerated, e.g. less than 10ppm for 99.999% purity.
  • Hydrogen research and manufacture is an emerging industry, and regulations are not in place or clearly applicable
  • Lack of relevant experience in the industry. HRL is the leader in this field of science

Solutions HRL provides are based on past experience and in-house expertise:

  • Extensive knowledge base of processes and analytical methods
  • Experienced in developing new processes
  • Thorough understanding of statutory requirements and regulations
  • Support of Development Approvals to meet government and statutory authority requirements
  • Extensive and comprehensive in-house analytical laboratory
  • Advanced desktop modelling (e.g. Fluent for CFD, Thermoflow for process)
  • Greenhouse and environmental consulting
  • Specialised plant inspection, failure investigation and life assessment services
  • Integrated range of metallurgy, materials, welding, structural and mechanical engineering services as well as gas testing and analytics, to provide a holistic technical solutions package

HRL provides the following benefits to our clients:

  • Access to proven expertise in hydrogen plant design
  • Streamlined funding application process
  • Support across all project phases
  • Singular point of contact to a diverse team for comprehensive solutions
  • Close client collaboration
  • High satisfaction
  • Flexible, mobile workforce
  • Australia's most advanced blend of practical and theoretical skills

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