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Operation and Maintenance of the HESC J-Power Latrobe Valley Facility

J-Power Latrobe Valley Facility

HRL is a participant in the world-first Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC) Project.  J-Power Latrobe Valley (JPLV) awarded HRL the contract for operation and maintenance of the new gasification and hydrogen refining pilot plant in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria.  HRL commenced site work on the project in June 2020 and took responsibility for the site and operations in November 2020.

There are many hydrogen projects underway across the globe as part of a transition to lower carbon technologies in the energy sector.

The Australian HESC project ($496 million) has support from both the Federal and Victorian State Governments ($50 million each). The main project partners are:  Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI), J-POWER, Iwatani Corporation, Marubeni Corporation, AGL Energy Limited, Sumitomo Corporation, Shell, Nippon Oil and "K" Line.  JPLV is responsible for the HESC LV gasification and hydrogen production pilot plant.

There has been great collaboration between HRL and the other key stakeholders involved in the pilot plant:  J-Power, AGL Energy Limited, GHD, O&M, Federation University and Australian Carbon Innovation.

The project is designed to demonstrate the entire supply-chain from winning of raw feed, production of hydrogen gas (H2) by gasification, liquefying of hydrogen (LH2) and storage at the Port of Hastings, and shipping of the liquefied product to Kobe, Japan.

HRL has a team of experienced pilot plant operators on site engaged on the plant.  Chris Patterson from HRL is the site superintendent for the pilot plant project.  The initial phase of their work involved preparation of operations documentation, policies and procedures, including safety.  The second phase was to commission the plant and train personnel.  The final phase will be to operate and maintain the plant.

The HRL analytical team is providing all analysis services for the J-Power Latrobe Valley (JPLV) gasification and hydrogen refining pilot plant.

The plant is complex and requires a deep understanding of the technologies involved.  HRL's extensive experience in the development of other gasification pilot and demonstration plants has given it a unique ability to assist the Client with many technical issues.

As well as the technical challenges, there have been supply issues as a result of the global pandemic, with delays to the supply of equipment, and the subsequent construction and commissioning of the plant.

These challenges have been overcome and HRL has safely and successfully managed the commissioning of the plant with the first hydrogen gas being produced on 23 January 2021.

One of HRL's team of engineers working on site

"I am proud of the role HRL is playing in facilitating the global journey to a net zero carbon future.  I commend our dedicated team for their achievements to date, especially with this technically challenging project."  Paul McPhee, Managing Director/CEO, HRL Technology Group.

Analysis Services - Latrobe Valley Pilot Plant

HRL is actively supporting the global pursuit of a clean energy future, providing technical and advisory support with our large team of engineers and laboratory technicians.

The HRL analytical team is providing all analysis services for the J-Power Latrobe Valley (JPLV) gasification and hydrogen refining pilot plant.  To ensure optimal performance of the gasifier and the gas purification train it is critical that the energy feed, gaseous products and all the by-products are thoroughly sampled and analysed on a regular basis.  Some of the analyses are done with equipment installed in the pilot plant whilst others are carried out at the HRL analytical laboratory in Mulgrave or at specialty laboratories, such as those at BOC.  In the case of hydrogen gas quality, the target purity is 99.999%.

HRL is providing the following services:

  • technical support to the project in the areas of sample collection and analysis
  • supporting the sample collection of the energy feed, char, gas and water used in or generated by the process
  • analysis of collected samples to the clients' requirements
  • laboratory management of the analytical process and reporting of all data
  • sample management including protocols for naming of each different sample stream and the Chain of Custody process.

Please see the HESC website for more details on the project

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