Biomass Analysis


Evaluating utilisation options for biomass or wastes is a complex matter. Factors that need to be considered include:      

  • fuel analysis and handling issues     
  • conversion technology and materials     
  • emissions, fouling, corrosion and waste disposal     
  • design, implementation and optimisation of biomass and co-firing options     
  • identifying alternative uses for the biomass or wastes


    hrl: can enable its clients to meet these challenges by:    

    • characterising the feedstock analyse, optimise and certify
    • testing the project feasibility         
    • selecting the right technology     
    • designing the process to match the fuel     
    • project manage the construction     
    • optimise the operation     
    • assist in applying for relevant carbon and other credits


    • Resource assessment using EN/ASTM/ISO specific methodology
    • Design of sampling programs and sampling
    • Fuel production     
    • Waste-to-energy     
    • Biomass combustion and gasification     
    • Biomass co-firing     
    • Biofuels


    Our clients are assisted to make informed decisions on their use of biomass and wastes. We work with our clients through each step of process, from concept to implementation, so that optimal outcomes will be achieved. Our clients have access to a full range of experts within hrl:

    Meet the expert

    Nick Miller
    Nick has over 20 years of experience working as a chemist in the power generation and mineral processing industries. Inorganic and elemental analysis of various sample types, particularly fuels such as coal, oil and biosolids as well as pharmaceuticals, soils and waters. Material characterisation particularly for energy industries. Read more

    "We recommend hrl: wherever possible. They do an amazing and thorough job. The report they provide is so comprehensive. They can identify the smalle...

    Chris Andara

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