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For organisations in the power, resources, energy, engineering, and manufacturing industries, compliance is a non-negotiable.

HRL can assist you to meet your statutory obligations where these obligations relate to pressure equipment.

If you are a designer, manufacturer, importer or owner of pressure equipment (boilers, pressure vessels or pressure piping), you are required to ensure this equipment is safe to operate and meets the specific requirements of the plant regulations in your jurisdiction on an ongoing basis.

With more than twenty years' experience as an accredited inspection body (for the inspection and design verification of pressure equipment) we offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Verification that designs meet applicable code and customer requirements (essential to gain approval for a design and to register a design)
  • Fabrication inspection to verify that manufacture of pressure equipment meets the requirements of the design and applicable manufacturing standards
  • Witness hydrostatic testing of pressure equipment to confirm the required pressure was achieved, the equipment withstood the pressure without deformation of leaks and the test equipment was in calibration
  • Commissioning inspection to verify that pressure equipment has been correctly installed, commissioned as safe to enter service
  • In-service inspection at appropriate intervals during the life of the equipment to verify that the equipment remains safe to operate until the next nominated inspection.

Our expertise in the area of pressure equipment also enables HRL to assist clients in the following areas:

  • Advice on regulatory requirements
  • Registering designs with the applicable regulator
  • Registering pressure equipment with the regulator (where applicable)
  • Recommending actions to make pressure equipment compliant
  • Undertaking strain-gauge and temperature assessments to understand operating conditions
  • Performing hydrostatic proof testing and burst testing
  • Investigating pressure equipment failures
  • Providing expert witness testimony in legal proceedings

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Over 40 years' experience in the development of inspection and NDT programs for major plant and equipment, development of inspection procedures and assessment criteria. Pressure vessel inspection and data management systems. Development and auditing of pressure equipment management systems (A.S. 3873). Plant inspections and risk assessments for compliance with the Plant Regulations. Read more

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