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Laboratory Analysis Services

Laboratory Analysis Services

High-quality analytical services based on sound problem-solving approaches

HRL draws on extensive skills and resources to provide complete analysis service solutions to clients in a wide range of industries. Analysis services are provided to assist clients in understanding the composition and qualities of materials and waste in relation to coal, biomass, deposits, effluent, metals, minerals, organic compounds, trade wastes and water.

From routine analysis to complex industrial investigations, HRL provides solutions to improve operational performance and add value to a client's business. Innovative solutions offered include those for product development and quality control, material evaluation, resource evaluation and environmental services.  Analysis can include testing of specific materials and for particular elements or characteristics, or components, products and assets for condition and being fit-for-use.

Analysis facilities

HRL's team is supported by modern, quality-accredited laboratories and sophisticated on-site equipment to provide analysis of sample quantities from micrograms to tonnes.

Spectrum of services

  • biomass, fuels including coal, minerals, water, food, environmental emissions and waste products
  • method development
  • fuel characterisation
  • fibre assessment services
  • foreign object identification
  • sampling program design and sampling
  • sample preparation
  • glass and raw material analysis
  • water treatment chemical analysis
  • dangerous goods classification
  • solids, liquids and gases

HRL holds quarantine and schedule licences to permit handling and storage for special samples containing up to Schedule 8 materials. Our laboratory is NATA accredited to ISO17025.

Specific services

HRL's services include:

Fibre Assessment Analysis
HRL provides an extensive range of fibre resources assessment services specifically tailored to meet the needs of clients who own or who are involved in manufacturing pulp and paper

Chemical analysis
Clients seeking expert analysis of organic or inorganic materials to determine if particular chemicals are present, the quantities that are present, and the characteristics of those chemicals. HRL provides expert chemical analysis services of gaseous, liquid or solid material for a range of industries.

Coal analysis
HRL is the Australian expert in low-rank lignite coals. Understanding the precise qualities and content of coal used in fueling plant can play an important role in maximising plant efficiency and minimising waste and emissions. HRL draws on extensive experience and a deep understanding of the nature of coal and its performance in fueling plant to provide expert, independent, coal analysis services. HRL also assists companies undertaking exploration activities and provides accurate and timely analysis of their coal samples to understand the resource and to determine the best use of that resource - such as its suitability for export, use in coal-to-liquids processing, or for power generation. HRL offers expert, independent coal analysis services.

Biomass and Alternative Fuels
HRL is Australia's no. 1 laboratory for characterisation of biomass, biomass pellets, and alternative fuels such as, PEF, SRF, paper & plastics, SRF, etc. HRL uses European specific methods for this analysis, which are specifically designed for characterisation of these fuels.

In setting a national renewable energy target the Australian Government aims to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy technologies including biomass and accelerate development of a renewable energy industry. HRL offers expert biomass and waste analysis for clients involved in biomass-to-energy projects.

Particle size analysis
Analysing particle size is an effective way for manufacturers to reduce costs and maintain high quality-control standards and for operators of plant with emissions to air, land or water to ensure that they meet environmental standards. HRL provides particle size analysis for a range of clients including in the ceramics, cosmetics, food, paint and pharmaceutical industries and for a range of emissions-monitoring situations.

Physical analysis
Vital in helping to determine material composition and characteristics, physical analysis can range from determining particle size and distribution to studying the flow of liquids and soft solids. HRL provides expert physical analysis services for clients across a range of industries.

Environmental analysis
Australian state, territory and Commonwealth government environmental legislation and regulation sets exacting environmental standards. Government standards apply to emissions to air, water and land, and include emissions under Greenhouse legislation. HRL provides comprehensive analysis of plant emissions that is vital in helping ensue clients meet their environmental responsibilities.

Waste Analysis
We do a number of different waste analysis services from sampling to characterisation to identifying and evaluating waste solutions.

Glass Analysis
HRL provides expert chemical analysis services to support glass production. The analysis services help clients to maintain critical quality control at each stage of production.

Mercury analysis
Clients may need to identify and quantify trace levels of mercury in a range of materials. HRL provides analysis to detect mercury from parts-per-million to parts-per-billion in response to specific client requirements.

Foreign Body Identification
We can investigate foreign material with small samples and assist in identifying the origin of the sample.

Meet The Expert

Nick Miller

Nick has over 20 years of experience working as a chemist in the power generation and mineral processing industries. Inorganic and elemental analysis of various sample types, particularly fuels such as coal, oil and biosolids as well as pharmaceuticals, soils and waters. Material characterisation particularly for energy industries.

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