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Ultra Precise Chemical Analysis by ICP-OES

Posted by Marius Harmse on 5 April 2018

Boron Determination for Manufacturers of Synthetic Detergents 

Manufacturers of synthetic detergents need to accurately determine the level of boron in their products, but the methods available have been less precise than required.

Boron is an important additive in soaps and detergents, as it

  • controls alkalinity, which is needed to remove dirt;
  • softens the water, vital in areas with hard water;
  • reduces the temperature and time required for a clean wash, so reducing the overall energy consumption.

HRL has set up a method to ensure ultimate precision for the determination of boron in detergents using ICP-OES.*

This method can be applied to the detergent industry, but also to other industries where high precision and accuracy are required.  Some of these industries may include the chemical manufacturing, speciality metals, and precious metals industries.

This method is fast, economical, and provides extremely accurate results, reducing uncertainty around manufacturing.  It is also possible to lower operating cost by ensuring the minimum required material is added to obtain the desired outcome.

*Read the full paper Ultra-High Precision Determination of Elements by ICP-OES - Matching the Internal Standard

SPECTRO ARCOS II Multiview, as used in this application 
Photo courtesy of SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH - all rights reserved

HRL's analytical chemists are always pushing the boundaries when it comes to precision and accuracy.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and see how we can assist you in getting more precise analytical results in your application. Read more here

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