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VEET saves businesses more than 40 million on energy bills in 2017, hrl: can help you

Posted by Sam Clayton on 2 August 2017

"Victoria is leading the way in providing affordable energy-saving activities." According to Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D'Ambrosio.

Australia's largest energy efficiency certificate program (VEET) has saved householders and businesses more than $400 million on their energy bills in 2017. As of 1st August, the program has been renamed Victorian Energy Upgrades which reflects the change of focus to energy efficiency projects for large energy users such as manufacturing plants.  The upgraded program will allow previously excluded large energy users the opportunity to obtain grants of up to $18,000 for energy audits and $50,000 for gas efficiency improvements, as well as the opportunity to earn energy efficiency credits for each tonne of CO2 abated. hrl: is working with large energy users such as Stone and Wood Brewery to reduce the cost of rising energy bills.

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) program was created by the Labor Government in 2009 to make energy efficiency improvements more affordable, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, encourage investment and jobs in the energy sector. As part of the Andrews Labor Government's work to strengthen its energy efficiency programs, the name of the VEET initiative has changed to Victorian Energy Upgrades. This program, best known for offering Victorians free lighting upgrades, has helped more than 70,000 businesses and 1.7 million households undertake energy-saving activities.

"We're always looking at ways to help Victorians save on their energy bills and thanks to this program we have helped householders and businesses save more than $400 million this year alone." commented Minister D'Ambrosio, "We're adapting this program to ensure it meets the changing and future needs of energy users by increasing access and providing more incentives for energy efficiency upgrades."

This year, the amount of greenhouse gas that has been reduced through the initiative is equivalent to taking 500,000 cars off the road. To ensure the continued growth of the program, several new activities are being introduced, including a new customised way of measuring energy-savings. The updated program will also allow previously excluded large energy users the opportunity to take advantage of Victorian Energy Upgrades.

To find out more about Victorian Energy Upgrades and how Victorian households and businesses can save on their energy bills, head to

Sam ClaytonAuthor:Sam Clayton
About: Sam has over 14 years of experience in energy efficiency, fuel switching and the implementation of cost saving options from the findings of energy efficient audits on large industrial plants. Sam has extensive experience in evaluation of upgrading and utilisation options for gas, biomass and other fuels. His experience includes material/fuel characterization, practical research and demonstration, techno-economic assessments, and detailed feasibility studies.
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