Briquetting and Sintering Case Study

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A client was developing a new process and needed to agglomerate and sinter the feedstock to meet downstream processing requirements. The requirements for effective milling, mixing, agglomeration and sintering needed to be investigated to allow a suitable sintered product to be produced.


HRL trialled a variety of technologies to achieve suitable size reduction of the feedstocks, using particle size analysis to measure the effectiveness of each approach. From this investigation a procedure was developed which allowed the feedstocks to be suitably mixed for further processing.

Once milled and mixed, the materials needed to be agglomerated to reduce losses during the sintering process. Small scale agglomeration trials were performed to assess the impact of briquetting parameters on agglomerate strength. The agglomeration trials produced briquettes with suitable strength for sintering.


HRL was able to investigate a variety of milling, mixing and agglomeration options to identify the best technology and approach. This investigation resulted in the production of suitable samples for feed to a sintering process. The sintered samples met the client's requirements and allowed the process to be developed further.   




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