Surveying high-energy piping hangers

Using a proprietary camera system to undertake accurate hot and cold hanger surveys

Challengeshigh pressure piping hangers

Operators of plant containing hanger-supported piping can often experience difficulty in inspecting their hanger assets. Challenges include:
  • gaining access to hard-to-reach hangers
  • identifying topped- or bottomed-out hangers
  • reading data from a distance such as hanger name plates
  • the need to install and then remove expensive scaffolding to enable hanger inspection
  • the difficulties in identifying poorly functioning hangers.


hrl: has developed an imaging device able to capture still and moving pictures of difficult-to-reach objects. The device can be used on a telescopic arm to help overcome inspection challenges by:

  • enabling surveys to be undertaken using a standard method
  • providing an inspection system that is safe to use
  • eliminating the need for scaffolding
  • providing video imaging to give visual records of hanger position in hot and/or cold conditions.


Using its imaging device, hrl: undertakes hanger surveys, under hot and cold conditions that benefit clients by:

  • identifying hangers that are operating outside their travel limits
  • increasing their confidence that their plant's high-energy piping-support system is operating within specification or that out-of-specification hangers are being identified for follow-up action
  • reducing the risks of unplanned outages due to pipe cracking
  • providing greater inspection access to equipment without the need for scaffolding that can be costly and time-consuming to erect, and can restrict plant access while in place
  • increasing inspection operator safety by enabling indicator readings to be from walkways
  • enabling readings to be taken at close range and so improving the accuracy of those readings.



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