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HRL draws on the extensive expertise of its personnel, and on its ground-breaking research, to support the innovative, expert, services that it offers including:

Energy innovation services

Assisting clients to increase their energy efficiency and to develop, implement and operate innovative biomass, renewable, solar, wind and hydro energy projects. Specific services include those relating to energy efficiency, renewable energy and biomass and alternative fuels.

Laboratory services

Services to assist client to understand the properties and performance of components, products, waste streams and emissions to the environment. Specific services include analysing coal, biomass, deposits, effluent, metals, minerals, organic compounds; and for mercury; particle sizing; material, chemical, physical and thermal analysis; as well as mechanical, fuel heater and component testing.
Minerals processing services. HRL draws on the extensive skills of its personnel, supported by state-of-the-art facilities, to provide expert minerals processing consultancy services to clients across a spectrum of industries including, mineral sands, silicon, alumina, aluminium, iron ore, lithium and coal.

Performance testing services

Services include independent, confidential and specialist performance testing and analysis for large industrial plant along with innovative solutions to complex plant-control, operation, performance and maintenance. Specific services include plant performance; turbine-generator performance; and combustion optimisation.

Process modelling services

Comprehensive analysis, simulations and solutions assist clients to optimise the performance of their plant and processes. Services include improving cyclone, precipitator and turbine performance; optimising chemical process and waste-gas systems; minimising particulate erosion and deposition; and improving thermal efficiency.

Process plant design services

Services assist clients to determine the efficiency of their plant, identify and quantify performance improvement options, and select and implement the best options. Specific services include boiler design and optimisation; combustion optimisation; and process troubleshooting and optimisation.

Project management engineering

Services range from providing expert advice on a single aspect of a project to taking responsibility for the entire project. Specific services include project management, engineering feasibility studies, contract and project administration, as well as developing and implementing technically innovative projects such as HRL's attemperation spray system for cooling flue gases.

Engineering and materials services

Assisting clients by providing metallurgy, materials, welding, structural and mechanical engineering services including, advanced flaw detection using phased array, determination of residual and operating stress, assessing plant integrity and structural integrity, plant life management, pressure equipment inspection, gas turbine services and technical and compliance training services.

Environmental analysis and environmental monitoring

Assisting clients with comprehensive environmental analysis and audit services for emissions to air, water and land to assist clients in meeting standards set by Australian state, territory and commonwealth governments. Specific services include National Pollution Inventory reporting services, emissions sampling, measurement, monitoring and consulting, air-quality and airborne particulate monitoring and air-quality modelling.

Greenhouse consultants

Services assist clients to improve their energy efficiency, reduce their greenhouse emissions, and meet regulatory requirements. Greenhouse consultancy services address obligations under federal and state programs. Carbon accounting services assist clients to maximise their accuracy in measuring, calculating and reporting their carbon emissions.

Noise and vibration services

Services provided address noise and vibration abatement including measurement and assessment, analysis, computer modelling, and developing and implementing control measures. Specific services include environmental noise control, noise control engineering and vibration monitoring.

Risk management services

Services assist clients to identify and mitigate potential risks or hazards associated with materials use, plant, processes and operating systems including deficiencies and maintenance. Specific services include risk identification, fire and dust explosion mitigation and hazard mitigation.

Waste to energy

HRL delivers business solutions to its clients through a proven approach to commercialising waste to energy opportunities. The approach includes: undertaking analytical evaluation of waste resources; beneficiation of waste resources - drying, briquetting and pelletising; technology selection including bench scale and pilot testing and computer modelling; providing expert information to support project funding.

Briquetting and agglomeration

Product quality control services are provided to clients across a spectrum of industries. Raw material optimisation services including agglomeration and densification are provided for low-bulk-density raw materials. Waste material optimisation services are provided to convert valuable materials from waste streams into pellets, pills, balls or briquettes for recycling or reuse.

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