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Yi (Lewis) Lu

Engineering Consultant
Process and Greenhouse

Professional Background

Lewis completed his Master of Chemical Engineering at the University of Melbourne. Lewis has 3 years’ experience in engineering consulting. The primary focuses of Lewis are bench-scale chemical testing, process engineering modelling, and data analytics. Lewis is passionate about data-driven approaches to understanding equipment and plant performance.

Areas of Expertise

  • Conducting laboratory experiments
  • Data analytics
  • Process and equipment modelling

Relevant Project Experience

PROJECT | CFD Model of a telecommunication shelter

  • Implemented meteorological conditions and solar radiation of the modelled site into dynamic boundary conditions of the CFD model via customised code.
  • The modelling outcomes helped client understanding temperature distribution of the internal under various meteorological conditions.

PROJECT | CFD Model of venturi flow meter

  • The goal of this project was to design a venturi air flow meter for a coal-to-natural gas boiler conversion.
  • Different venturi geometries were screened with CFD, and the performance curve of the optimal design was obtained with CFD case studies.
  • After the venturi flow meters were commissioned, conducted pitot traverses onsite to calibrate the actual performance curves.

PROJECT | CFD Model of a regenerative thermal oxidiser

  • The model helped client understanding the thermal performance of the full-size thermal oxidiser in early stage of front-end engineering design.
  • An initial model was developed and calibrated against pilot plant data to obtain empirical correlations, then applied onto modelling of a full-size equipment.
  • Dynamics of flow cycling in the full-size equipment was simulated via customised code.

PROJECT | Extraction of oil and valuable metals from an oil shale

  • Designed and conducted bench-scale testings of oil and metal extraction experiments.
  • Carried out risk assessments of experiments.
  • Operated a scale-up pilot plant to demonstrate feasibility of shale oil extraction.

PROJECT | Testing of thermal properties of liquid samples for various clients.

  • Measured thermal conductivity and specific heat of highly viscous liquid samples.
  • Measured freezing point depression of an electrolyte solution.
  • Carried out risk assessments of tasks.

Data analytics of various projects

  • Used data analytics to gain insights on equipment and plant performance in various projects, such as boiler combustion tuning, investigating degradation of turbine performance, loss of output in a solar farm due to cloud coverage, and HRSG thermal efficiency optimisation.
  • Integration of different data sources, such as DCS, EuFlame, and MCDA.
  • Developed a pipeline of Python + MySQL + MongoDb for data clean-up, ingestion, dynamic query, computing, and visualisation.


  • Bachelor of Science (Chemical Engineering) - University of Texas at Austin, 2017
  • Master of Chemical Engineering - University of Melbourne, 2019


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