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HRL Presentation at ABHUG 2022 on Automatic Control of Furnace Exit Gas Temperature in HRSGs

Posted by Dr Sam Clayton on 9 November 2022
HRL Presentation at ABHUG 2022 on Automatic Control of Furnace Exit Gas Temperature in HRSGs

HRL will be attending the Australasian Boiler & HRSG Users Group (ABHUG) Conference and Workshops which will be held on 15-17 November 2022, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Dr Sam Clayton, Principal Engineering Consultant, will be presenting his paper on the following topic on Day 3 of the conference, Thursday 17 November at 9.15 - 9.45 am.

Automatic Control of FEGT using EUflame Technology:  Case study for CCGT / HRSG system.  S Clayton

In this paper, we present a case study for the implementation of advanced FEGT measurement at the HRSG inlets for a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) system incorporating 4 Gas Turbines, 4 HRSGs and 2 Steam Turbines.  Integration of online monitoring of the FEGT, using 6 pyrometers per HRSG, with the automated combustion control system along with a new control strategy has enabled full modulating control of the supplementary firing system. This has allowed the plant to maximise steam turbine output using supplementary firing, achieve full steam turbine capacity with one GT/HRSG off-line, and maintain steam turbine load for varying GT loads, without increasing the risk of overheating the final superheater tubes.  The improvements have led to enhanced plant flexibility to maximise output and meet network swings in electricity demand.

HRL has booth no. 7 in the exhibition area.  Please come and chat to Sam and our other team members at the booth.

Dr Sam ClaytonAuthor:Dr Sam Clayton
About: Sam has over 20 years’ experience in fuel, waste and mineral processing and in the evaluation and development of utilisation options. Processes investigated include combustion, gasification, dewatering, drying, agglomeration, pyrolysis, minerals reduction, and activated carbon production. Expertise covers practical R&D including pilot and demonstration-scale development, technical reviews, economic assessments, environmental assessments, process modelling and design, equipment design and supplier engagement.
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Tags:Combustion OptimisationCombined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT)Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs)Furnace Exit Gas Temperature (FEGT)

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